Required Immunizations

South Dakota state law (SDCL 13-53-47) states that immunizations are required for students entering public or private postsecondary educational institutions in South Dakota. “Public or private postsecondary institution” or “institution,” is any entity permitted to offer postsecondary education credits or degrees in South Dakota. “Student” is any person born after 1956 who is registering for more than one class during an academic term such as a quarter or semester. The term includes any person who meets face-to-face at least once per week to receive instruction. The term does not include any person who receives non-credit-bearing or on-the-job training services.

Any student entering a public or private postsecondary education institution in this state for the first time after July 1, 2008, shall, within forty-five days after the start of classes, present to the appropriate institution certification from a licensed physician that the student has received or is in the process of receiving the required two doses of immunization against measles, rubella and mumps. As an alternative to the requirement for a physician’s certification, the student may present certification from a licensed physician stating the physical condition of the student would be such that immunization would endanger the student’s life or health; certification from a licensed physician stating the student has experienced the natural disease against which the immunization protects; confirmation from a laboratory of the presence of adequate immunity; or a written statement signed by the student that the student is an adherent to a religious doctrine whose teachings are opposed to such immunizations. If the student is under the age of 18, the written statement shall be signed by one parent or guardian.

Mitchell Tech requires that the documentation from the student be submitted within 45 days after the start of classes.

A student allowed to register while completing the round of required vaccinations who fails to provide satisfactory documentation of his or her immune status or of a medical excuse shall not be permitted to attend classes after the 45th day or, in the case of classes delivered in less than 45 days, to register for or to attend classes beginning in a subsequent term. Every attempt should be made to collect this information at the time of admission. Students who are unable to ascertain their immunization status may obtain, at their own expense, the necessary tests and vaccination from their own physician.

In the event the South Dakota State Department of Health declares an epidemic of measles, mumps or rubella, Mitchell Tech shall provide to the State Department of Health a list of students who have not submitted immunization documentation. Subsequent campus actions shall consider the advice and authority of the South Dakota State Department of Health. Students who have no vaccination or immunity against the required preventable infectious diseases may be dismissed from the campus.

Vaccination for hepatitis B is required for students before they can be admitted to certain health profession programs. Some clinical sites require students to have the COVID-19 vaccination. Each institution will compile information about current program-related vaccination requirements and make this information available to students along with other curricular and registration materials. It will be the responsibility of the department of the specific health profession program to ensure that the vaccination requirement has been met.

Immunization for tetanus, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, varicella and meningitis is recommended, as is a tuberculin test. Vaccination for hepatitis B is also recommended, and an annual influenza vaccination is recommended for students to minimize disruption of routine activities during influenza outbreaks.