2021-2023 Catalog and Student Handbook

Student Printing

You will need to have your student ID card any time you wish to print to an Mitchell Tech campus printer. When you are ready to print, simply print the document and then go to ANY print station on campus. Tap your tag on the card reader. Once the screen comes up, you can choose to print, view jobs in the queue or cancel the job. There are printers in every building on campus. Color printers are located in the Campus Center and in the Technology Center. All other printers are black and white.

Print costs are going up. To keep costs down, students and staff are encouraged to print all draft copies and those which do not require color in black and white. Only when you are ready to print your final document should you use the color printer.

Your job will remain in the queue for 60 minutes. If you forget, it will simply time out and delete. You will not be charged for jobs that do not actually print on paper.

Your account provides you with print security. No prints can be made from your account without your card.

Each semester Mitchell Tech will allow you to print a predetermined number of copies. When you have reached your allotment, you must deposit money into your print account through the Mitchell Tech Business Office. Minimum deposit is $5.00. At the beginning of the subsequent semester, you will receive another allotment of copies.

Like any campus technology issue, if you cannot retrieve your printed document, complete a Help Desk ticket and someone will work to help you resolve your issue.