2021-2023 Catalog and Student Handbook

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Mitchell Technical College to provide skills for success in technical careers.

Our Core Values:

  • Learning: Mitchell Tech provides high-quality Associate of Applied Science degree, diploma and certificate programs which prepare students for successful careers.
  • Life Skills: Mitchell Tech prepares graduates for lifelong learning by building skills in technology, communication, professionalism, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability.
  • Access: Mitchell Tech provides educational services and quality training to students, alumni, businesses, and the community, both on campus and at a distance.
  • Innovation: Mitchell Tech integrates state-of-the-art technologies, instructional methods, and facilities to deliver a high-quality, unique educational experience.
  • Excellence: Mitchell Tech commits to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness through a system of assessment and continuous review.
  • Talent Investment: Mitchell Tech recruits, develops, and invests in skilled, dedicated, and student-oriented faculty and staff.
  • Community: Mitchell Tech builds student community through social and recreational activities, counseling support, and a student government structure administered through organized student services.
  • Diversity and Respect:  Mitchell Tech seeks and values a diverse population, and responds to the unique needs of individuals, recognizing the dignity and worth of all people and fostering a climate of respect among its students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Advocacy: Mitchell Tech promotes the value of technical education through the development of relationships with stakeholders and activities that raise awareness of the institute’s mission.
  • Equity: Mitchell Tech strives to address gaps in achievement so that every student receives purposeful, ongoing support and programming to be successful throughout the college experience.