2020-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As members of the Mitchell Tech community, students have both rights and responsibilities. Students have the following rights:

The most essential student right is the right to competent instruction under conditions conducive to learning. The most important responsibilities are to respect the rights of other members of the community and to conform to standards essential to the purposes and processes of the Institute. The Institute should endeavor to provide for students those privileges, opportunities, and protections which best promote the learning process in all its aspects. The following statement outlines those academic rights of students essential in helping Mitchell Tech fulfill this responsibility. These principles are designed to facilitate communication, foster academic integrity, and defend freedoms of inquiry, discussion, and expression among members of the Mitchell Tech community. Such principles should safeguard and enhance conditions conducive to learning, and will serve as a guide for students, faculty, and administrators involved in programs of instruction and classroom activities.

Mitchell Tech is committed to serving a wide spectrum of people. Access to the programs and services of the Institute should be governed by the following principles: Within the limitations of its facilities, resources, and personnel, the Institute should be open to all persons who are qualified according to admissions standards. Students should not be refused access to any course of study on the grounds of their beliefs or the possible uses to which they may put the knowledge to be gained in a course. Students are responsible for representing themselves truthfully and accurately at all times. Providing false or misleading information to gain admission to or advancement in a program or course of study violates this responsibility and may result in forfeiture of a student’s right to access to an academic program.

Students have the right to exercise their full rights as citizens without interference or fear of Institute disciplinary action.

Students have the right to be free from discrimination in Institute programs and activities.

Policies designed to eliminate discriminatory practices have been instituted.

Mitchell Tech does not discriminate in its employment of policies and practices, or in its educational programs on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, gender (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or ancestry, military/veteran status, genetic information or any other category protected by law.

Students have the right to be free from sexual harassment on Mitchell Tech property or off school property during an Institute-related activity.

Students have the right to be free from racial harassment on Mitchell Tech property or off school property during an Institute-related activity.

Students have the right to have classes conducted under the following provisions:

  • Faculty will maintain clear connections between advance descriptions of courses and actual content.
  • Faculty will clearly state course goals, testing, and grading which should be intellectually justifiable.
  • Faculty will plan and regulate class time with an awareness of its value for every student and will meet with classes regularly.
  • Faculty will be available to students and will announce and maintain liberal office hours convenient to students.
  • Faculty will model respect for each student as an individual. regardless of race, color, creed, religion, age, gender (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or ancestry, military/veteran status, genetic information or any other category protected by law.
  • Faculty will strive to generate respect and understanding for academic freedom by students and at the same time protect students from irrelevant and trivial interruptions or diversions.
  • Faculty will insure students the right to raise relevant issues, doubts, or alternative opinions during classroom discussion without concern for academic sanctions.
  • Faculty will be sensitive to students’ personal or political beliefs expressed in a private manner in connection with course-work.
  • Faculty will not disclose student grades or class standing in a classroom situation without the student’s permission.
  • Faculty will serve as academic advisers and will assist students with registration, class schedules, graduation requirements, and will work to assure academic progress with the assistance of a Student Success Coach.

Students have the right to a clear statement of their basic rights. They have the right to assist in formulating Institute policy by representation on various committees. Students also have the right to be represented by a student government.

Other student rights outside the classroom include:

  • Students may form, join, and participate in groups which promote the common intellectual, social, economic, political, recreational or cultural life of campus. Mitchell Tech believes group activities to be a positive educational vehicle and recognizes the right of student groups to discuss, express opinions, to assemble, write, and publish within state and federal constitutional guarantees and laws.
  • A student group may be authorized to use Mitchell Tech facilities if its officers and a majority of its members are currently enrolled at Mitchell Tech.
  • Students who publish student publications have the right to be free from censorship. However, students who publish such documents must observe the recognized canons of responsible journalism, including the avoidance of libel, indecency, undocumented allegations, attacks on personal integrity, and the techniques of harassment and innuendo.
  • Students have the right to have access to education records maintained by Mitchell Tech concerning the students. The students may review their own records and challenge the accuracy of the records. Students have the right to have the educational records maintained on a confidential basis with only those employees with a legitimate need to know having access to student educational records.

Students have the following responsibilities:

It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the provisions of this publication and the operating policies of the Institute and the student’s Department. It is also a student’s responsibility to:

  • Review and consider all information about the school’s program before enrolling.
  • Complete all application forms accurately and submit them on time to the appropriate office.

Students have the responsibility for selecting a major field of study, for choosing an appropriate degree program within the discipline, for planning class schedules, and ultimately for meeting the requirements for his/her degree.

Mitchell Tech will provide advisers to assist students in academic planning, but students are responsible for obtaining copies of appropriate academic bulletins and being thoroughly familiar with all academic requirements that must be met for a degree. Students also have the responsibility to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented by the Institute, to participate in the learning process in a serious and conscientious manner, and to respect the rights of other members of the Mitchell Tech community.

Student Academic Integrity

Students are expected to do their own work unless advised that collaboration is acceptable. When taking a test, students are expected to keep their eyes on their own tests and protect their tests from being copied by classmates. To avoid plagiarism when using facts, quotes or ideas from another person or source, students must cite the source they used, even if they rephrase the content in their own words. Failure to use proper citation procedures is considered plagiarism.

Students who engage in academic dishonesty may be subject to assignment and/or course failure.