2020-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook

Online High Schools

Students who wish to complete their high school studies online must choose a school carefully. Many online high schools on the Internet are not legitimate high schools. These schools promise that you can complete your entire high school career in as little as a few weeks for only a small fee. In addition, while they state that they are accredited high schools, their accrediting agencies consist of nothing more than a website and list no employees or contact information. These schools are obviously fraudulent and the diploma you receive is not legitimate and may in fact be illegal to use in many states.

Schools such as the South Dakota Virtual School are legitimate, recognized institutions. For students who want to complete their secondary education as quickly as possible, Mitchell Tech recommends a GED. The GED is self-paced and you can complete it very quickly if you are so motivated. If you wish to continue your education at a legitimate, postsecondary institution anywhere in the nation, you must complete actual testing at an authorized GED testing center. Information about where and how to get a GED is available from the Mitchell Tech Admissions Office.