2020-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook

Residency Considerations

Prospective or current students in a program leading to a certification or licensure who live in or plan to relocate to a state other than South Dakota should discuss their plans with their admissions representative, advisor or program director to assess any potential impact on their course of study or future ability to attain licensure or certification in that state. Students who live in or relocate to a state or country in which their respective program is not currently authorized or if it is unknown if the program is currently authorized may not be able to pursue licensure or certification in their desired profession in that state.  It is a student’s responsibility to seek guidance from his/her advisor or program director prior to living or relocating to a state other than South Dakota. It is Mitchell Tech’s responsibility to notify students if it determines that the program does not meet the educational requirements for licensure or certification, or that Mitchell Tech has been unable to make a determination of whether the program meets educational requirements, in the state in which a student is located.