2020-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook

Course Schedule Changes Adds/Drops/Withdrawals

Course Add/Drop Period

Until the drop period ends, Mitchell Tech may determine a student is not active and may be dropped from classes. After the drop period ends, any changes in a student’s registration (including adding or dropping a course) must be completed on a Course Change Form. A course is not dropped by simply discontinuing attendance. Fall and spring semester courses may be added through the 5th day of a semester or with the approval of the course instructor. Courses may be dropped through the 10th day of classes each semester. Students will not be charged for courses dropped within the first ten days of the semester. Courses dropped during the first ten days of the semester will not be recorded on a student’s transcript. Courses scheduled in shorter modules may be added or dropped through the equivalent prorated day from the course start date of such classes.

Adding and/or dropping a course after the 10th day requires approval signatures of the student and the course instructor. If the proper drop/add procedure is not followed, the student will fail the course. Courses dropped after the semester’s drop period has expired are NOT eligible for a refund unless the student is withdrawing from school entirely. (Refer to Tuition Refunds section.)

Withdrawing From a Course

A student who withdraws from a course after the 10th day will be issued a grade of “W” to indicate official withdrawal from the course. (A “W” grade is not computed in the student’s grade point average.) Students who stop attending a class are not automatically withdrawn from the course. Students who quit attending class and have not completed the official withdrawal process will receive a grade of “F.” Students will not be allowed to withdraw from courses after the 85% date of the term.

85% dates will be published annually on the Mitchell Tech website.

No registration change is official until the properly approved form is filed with the Registrar’s Office; the official date of the withdrawal is the date the form is filed in the Registrar’s Office. No refunds are issued to students who withdraw from a course.