2020-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook

Course Audits

Courses may be audited for no credit. There is a $50 per course fee to audit a course. Lab classes will charge additional lab fees which vary by department. A Class Audit form is available in the Registrar’s Office. In some situations, Mitchell Tech instructors and administration may require a student to audit a class the student successfully completed in the past. This generally occurs when a student had discontinued their education or is in need of a skills refresher. Financial Aid is not available for audited courses and these courses do not count toward full-time status. Audited courses do not meet graduation requirements. Students enrolled as auditors are not eligible for student services. Students enrolled for credit have first priority for space available in any Mitchell Tech course.

Individuals not accepted to a program may audit a class, but restrictions apply. Contact the Registrar’s Office for details.