2019-2021 Catalog and Student Handbook

Student Services

The Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success supports students in learning the technical and career skills needed to successfully complete their postsecondary degree. The Center serves as a beginning resource for students with questions or concerns about their coursework, degree completion, and overall success at MTI. Staff members are available to work with students to find solutions to their academic, personal and career-related questions. The Center also provides:

  • Help with academic coursework, including tutoring, study aids, research databases, print resources (i.e. textbooks, magazines, newspapers, etc.), and electronic media
  • Disability and learning services
  • Diversity services
  • Assistance with monitoring academic progress toward graduation, changing programs, or withdrawing from a program
  • Information about MTI’s Student Representative Board and other MTI clubs and activities
  • Computer access, including internet, email, MyMTI and application software
  • Printing, copying, and scanning services
  • Guidance on where to access important campus services, such as Financial Aid, Business Office, Registrar, Career Services, Scholarships, etc.
  • Information about off-campus resources, such as housing, counseling, transportation, financial sources, student discounts and available memberships, childcare and other support services.

Student Activities

MTI offers a wide variety of organized student activities including intercollegiate-sanctioned college rodeo. Other on-campus activities are sponsored by the Student Rep Board in cooperation with Student Services. Activities include intramural sports, social events, picnics, musical events, entertainment, etc. Additionally, each MTI student has access to the DWU/Avera Sports & Wellness Complex.

Diversity Services

MTI has a dedicated staff member who conducts outreach, advising, student services and career coaching to students who belong to underrepresented groups. Students who need assistance are encouraged to contact The Center for Student Success.

Nontraditional Student Services

Mitchell Technical Institute provides assistance to prospective and enrolled nontraditional MTI students, particularly single parents and displaced homemakers. These services include:

  • Career assessment
  • Childcare providers listing
  • Social service assistance
  • Community resources information and referrals


Tutoring is available at no cost to MTI students in The Center for Student Success. Group study table sessions are held throughout the week for some general education courses and select programs. Program participation varies from semester to semester and depends on availability of qualified study table leaders and student need. Private one-on-one tutoring sessions for are available upon request.

Contact The Center for Student Success to learn more about tutoring services.

Career Services

MTI’s Director of Career Services & Advising offers assistance to students by providing employment leads and, in some instances, bringing employment interviewers to campus. Several workshops and job seeking-related activities are sponsored each year.

The Career Services Office maintains a comprehensive website for students and employers. For more information or job search assistance, contact the Career Services & Advising Director in The Center.

Student Printing

You will need to have your student ID card any time you wish to print to an MTI campus printer. When you are ready to print, simply print the document and then go to ANY print station on campus. Tap your tag on the card reader. Once the screen comes up, you can choose to print, view jobs in the queue or cancel the job. There are printers in every building on campus. Color printers are located in the Campus Center and in the Technology Center. All other printers are black and white.

Print costs are going up. To keep costs down, students and staff are encouraged to print all draft copies and those which do not require color in black and white. Only when you are ready to print your final document should you use the color printer.

Your job will remain in the queue for 60 minutes. If you forget, it will simply time out and delete. You will not be charged for jobs that do not actually print on paper.

Your account provides you with print security. No prints can be made from your account without your card.

Each semester MTI will allow you to print a predetermined number of copies. When you have reached your allotment, you must deposit money into your print account through the MTI Business office. Minimum deposit is $5.00. At the beginning of the subsequent semester, you will receive another allotment of copies.

Like any campus technology issue, if you cannot retrieve your printed document, send a message to the MTI Help Desk and someone will work to help you resolve your issue.

Research and Library Resources

Students at MTI need current information in all academic and technical disciplines. In today’s rapidly changing information-based society, MTI has found that a traditional “library” is not the best use of our resources. Instead, we have focused on providing electronic access to information. All students have Internet access in The Center. South Dakota’s Internet-based library resources provide access to academic research databases.

For additional library resources, there is a formal agreement between MTI and the Mitchell Public and Dakota Wesleyan University libraries for student access to these facilities. A student must show a student ID card and proof of residency to be eligible for public library and DWU library privileges. In addition, The Center will also order materials from libraries statewide through the state’s interlibrary loan system at no charge to students.

Student Computer and Laptop Use

Students who purchase computers from MTI for use in their programs have access to service and support through the MTI Technology Office. Laptops are distributed and supported by the MTI Technology Office.

Students who purchase laptops as a program requirement may contact the IT department for technical support. The IT department’s help desk is located in the Technology Center.

The campus IT department will not provide technical support to students using laptops/tablets not purchased and managed through MTI beyond network connectivity to our Wi-Fi network. Students must seek support through their vendor or a commercial computer support service.

Student access to computers is also available in The Center for Student Success. All enrolled students must follow the computer and email usage policies. Violation of those policies will result in disciplinary action.

Student Email Accounts

Each student will be issued an MTI email account for official communication and personal use. Students will be charged $5.00 to change lost or forgotten passwords

Food Service/Café Cash

Meals are served in the Campus Center for a charge.  Students are encouraged to use the Cafe´Cash cashless payment system. Funds may be loaded into a student’s account allowing them to make food purchases from the Chef’s Cafe. The student makes the purchase with a student ID card. Any balance at the end of the fall semester will be transferred to the spring semester. Any balance remaining at the end of the spring semester will be forfeited.  Refunds may be issued to students who withdraw from school in the first ten days of the semester in which the Cafe´Cash was purchased. More information is available in The Center for Student Success and online.


Although MTI does not own any student housing, the Campus Tech apartments, adjacent to the MTI Technology Center on the campus, are available to MTI students. The Admissions Office also maintains a list of available housing in the Mitchell area. Students are urged to be aware of their tenant rights and responsibilities.


Mitchell Technical Institute DOES NOT carry insurance on students. Health insurance is the responsibility of each student and MTI urges each student to carry some type of health insurance. Injuries sustained while in class or lab are the responsibility of the student.

Students have the responsibility to communicate with their individual health insurance providers to make sure that coverage requirements are met.

Students are also encouraged to obtain renter’s insurance from their provider.


Students may purchase required books and supplies in the MTI Bookstore located in the Campus Center. School theme items are also available. The Bookstore is open each class day and during the summer. Hours are posted. Cash, check, or credit card can be used for purchases at the MTI Bookstore.

In order to comply with Section 133 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (PL110-315), Mitchell Technical Institute provides an online portal for students to determine which books they need for the courses in which they are enrolled. You will find the portal at http://bookstore.mitchelltech.edu/. New and used books may be purchased from the MTI Bookstore, or from any online vendor.

If the student is required to purchase course materials online or would prefer that option but does not have a credit card, a pre-paid credit card may be purchased through a bank or department store for a nominal one-time fee.

If the student participates in any program (Workforce Investment Act [WIA], Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA], Vocational Rehabilitation, GI Bill, etc.) that includes the cost of course materials, the student should speak with the Bookstore manager about acquiring the necessary course materials.