2018-2020 Catalog and Student Handbook

Graduation Requirements

Degree, Diploma and Certificate Requirements

Mitchell Technical Institute awards Certificates, Diplomas and Associate of Applied Science Degrees. Specific program requirements and course sequences are described by program. It is the responsibility of each student to monitor his or her academic progress. The student is expected to know the graduation requirements pertinent to his or her program, to be cognizant of his or her grade point average, to make appropriate elective course selections and to add/drop courses to best facilitate attainment of his or her educational goals. To assist in making these important decisions, students should consult with their academic advisors. To earn a Certificate, Diploma or AAS Degree, students must:

  1. Complete the requirements of each program as specified in the current MTI General Catalog.
  2. Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (C).
  3. Have on file an official high school transcript or high school equivalency certificate.
  4. File a Request to Graduate form with the Registrar’s Office.
  5. Complete the General Education requirements as defined by the program of study’s curriculum:
    1. Certificate

      No general education requirements

    2. Diploma Requirements
      1. 3.0 credits in communications
      2. 3.0 credits in computer literacy
      3. 3.0 credits in mathematics
      4. 1.0 credit in Student Success
    3. Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements
      1. 3.0 credits in communications
      2. 3.0 credits in computer literacy
      3. 3.0 credits in mathematics
      4. 3.0 credits in behavioral science
      5. 3.0 credits in social science
      6. 1.0 credit in Student Success
  6. Complete at least 25% of coursework at MTI.

Students are required to fulfill all financial obligations to MTI. Certificates, diplomas and transcripts will be held until financial obligations are fulfilled.

Students are required to comply with the policies and regulations of this publication during their enrollment at MTI.

Conferring of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

Degrees, diplomas and certificates are officially conferred at the conclusion of each semester in December, May and August. Public commencement exercises are held only in the spring.

Students who plan to receive a certificate, diploma or degree must apply for graduation by filing a Request to Graduate form with the Registrar’s Office. The form must be received in the Registrar’s Office prior to registration of the student’s final spring semester. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that all graduation requirements, including required coursework, are met.

To be eligible to participate in the annual spring graduation ceremony, students must be able to complete their remaining graduation requirements by the end of the subsequent semester.

A note about posthumous awards: MTI awards posthumous degrees to deceased students who were currently enrolled at the time of death and who completed 50% of their program.

Honors Designation

A student will be granted High Honors by maintaining a 3.75 or higher cumulative grade point average. A student will be granted Honors by maintaining a 3.50 - 3.74 cumulative grade point average. An honors designation for the purpose of commencement is calculated using a student’s cumulative GPA through the fall semester prior to the graduation ceremony.

AAS degree students who earn High Honors or Honors will be provided with a gold or silver cord to wear with their graduation gown at the commencement ceremony.

Upgrading a Diploma to an AAS Degree

MTI may grant the AAS degree to students who have received a diploma in a two-year program from MTI within the last seven years and who have subsequently completed the technical and AAS requirements in their respective field. The following guidelines will be used to determine an applicant’s eligibility to receive the AAS degree:

  1. Courses counted toward the degree shall have been taken within the seven years prior to granting the degree, or there is satisfactory evidence that the applicant’s respective knowledge and skills fulfill current standards and requirements.
  2. The respective department(s) shall review an applicant’s transcript and recommend approval for the AAS degree.
  3. The student has met the additional general education requirements necessary to earn an AAS degree for a chosen major.
  4. Students must complete a Request to Graduate form.

The student will be charged a $50 records processing fee. Please note: At least 75% of the general education courses required for the degree upgrade must be transcribed credit and not life experience.

Replacement Diplomas

Replacement diplomas can be issued at a cost of $30 each. Allow two weeks for reprinting.